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ECE Class Web Pages
Transfer files from a Windows computer to web pages
Creating or modifying personal web pages

ECE Class Web Pages

To create an ECE class web page, transfer files to your directory. The class web pages are located at /home/www/class/eeXXXX where XXXX represents the class number.

You should be able to view the class pages at:

If you receive the message, "403 Forbidden, Your client does not have permission to get URL /class/eeXXXX/index.html from this server.", do the next step. At the unix prompt:

chmod -R 775 /home/www/class/eeXXXX/*

Transfer Files From a Windows Computer to Web Pages

First, install SSH. Please see our Linux/Unix/SSH Guides page for more information.

On the Start Menu, select "SSH Secure Shell" and then "Secure File Transfer Client".
Under "File" select "Connect".
Enter "" or "" without the quotes and your username.
Then select "Connect". Respond "Yes" to the question about Host Identification if it appears.
Enter your X.500 password to login.

You can drag and drop files between your PC and your account in the SSH Secure File Transfer window. If you want to transfer files directly to a web page, select "Operation" on the pull down menu. Then select "Go to Folder". Enter the path to the web page directory, /home/www/ . . .

Creating or Modifying Personal Web Pages

Personal web pages are displayed at

where ECE_username represents the user's ECE username.

Login to the computer "" or "" without the quotes. Transfer the files to the personal web pages. The personal web pages are located at /home/www/users/ECE_username.

You should now be able to view the personal pages. It may be necessary to refresh your browser window to see the changes.

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