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Linux/Unix/SSH Guides

SSH Connection
VNC Viewer Server Setup
VNC Viewer Client Setup
Loading and Using Software on Dept. Linux Machines

SSH Connection

  1. Download the SSH Secure Shell client from our file servers at this address:

SSH Secure Shell Download

  1. Install the program
  2. Find the program on your computer and run "Secure File Transfer Client"

  1. Select "Quick Connect"

  1. Type the host name and your X500 ID.  Do not change the port number and authentication method.  Click connect.  You will now be connected.

VNC Viewer Server Setup

To connect to a departmental Red Hat Linux computer using VNC viewer, you will need to complete these steps

  1. Use SSH to remotely connect to the computer that you wish to connect with using VNC.
  2. In the terminal, type the following, replacing the "#" with the appropriate number as described below:

vncserver :# -depth 24

The # may be replaced with any number between 1 and 49.  The number corresponds to the port number which VNC uses to connect to you.  The number corresponds as follows: number 2 would be port 5902.  Number 3 would be port 5903.  And so forth.

The system is now ready to accept VNC Viewer Client connections. To connect, install VNC Viewer on another computer, type the IP address or name of the server computer, and you will be prompted to enter the password that you created.

VNC Viewer Client Setup

Click here for information on VNC client setup for Windows (you will be leaving the ECE Support Site).


Loading and Using Software on Dept. Linux Machines

ECE researchers are authorized to use several ECE departmentally managed Linux systems to run simulations and use certain engineering and related software. Access is remote to these systems. The following computers are available to researchers and may be accessed via SSH from the University's network.

To see what software is available, run
module avail

To load software, run
module load

For example, to load synopsys/syn_2013.12, simply type
module load synopsys/syn_2013.12

**Note** There may be a license message that appears when running certain programs.  This does not mean that the program has failed. In many cases, this is just a warning that the license terms and conditions do apply and that the software can only be used on campus by authorized University personnel. Please proceed and use the program regardless of the message, but if you have further questions, please contact us.

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