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Webfiles is a web-based program designed to allow students to access the files that they save on mapped drives in ECE laboratories.


Viewing files with a browser

To access webfiles, go to Enter your Internet ID and password; you will see your files available there.

Webfiles image

You may not see your webfiles if you haven't logged into an ECE laboratory computer yet.


Mapping Drives

Sometimes, it may be more convenient to map your drive directly to your computer. In this way, you will be able to use the drive as you would a standard hard drive, flash drive, or disc drive.

How to map your drive:

  1. Connect to the University's network via VPN. Visit and click "Downloads and Guides" for more information.
  2. Go to My Computer (if using Windows)
  3. Click "Map Network Drive"

  1. Connect to \\\EE-Labs$\[YOUR_ID]. Replace the last part with your Internet ID.
  2. Make sure that you 'connect using different credentials'

  1. When you enter your internet ID, make sure that you type '' afterwards, as shown in the example.
  2. Click OK and connect. You should now see the files you saved in the ECE laboratory.

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The ECE Support team works to ensure the security and functionality of ECE Department computer systems.

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