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What is CUSP™? (

As the name implies, CUSP™ is a Consortium of Universities for Sustainable Power. This consortium will include universities that have come together to utilize, collectively evolve and promote the curriculum developed at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with the help of funding from various organizations including NSF, ONR (Office of Naval Research), NASA and EPRI.

Our vision in creating this consortium is to create a global community of teaching/learning scholars whose mission is to provide a first-rate education in the field of Electric Energy Systems with an emphasis on sustainability.

CUSP™ Curriculum:

This curriculum consists of the following 3 undergraduate courses (and 5 and more graduate-level courses in Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Power Systems, Power System Protection and Electric-Machine Design being developed, partially through ONR funding):

  1. Power Electronics
  2. Electric Machines and Drives, and
  3. Electric Power Systems


Hallmark of CUSP™ Curriculum:

The hallmark of this curriculum is that each course offers most comprehensive resource to its user, who may decide to use it as appropriate. Please note that all the material (other than the hardware labs and the textbooks) can be downloaded free-of-charge by the consortium members.
Each course consists of the following:
(* Available only to consortium members)

  1. A list of Course Learning Objectives
  2. Textbook specifically written to fulfill these objectives
  3. Video clips for most lectures: approximately 30 such video clips, each an average of 15-minutes long with Captions. These high quality video clips explain the fundamentals in a rapid-fire manner, unlike the recording of in-class lectures.
    1. Slides used as a basis of the above video clips
    2. *Concept Quizzes that reinforce the fundamentals in the video
  4. *In-class discussion problems
  5. Hardware Lab with the Manual
  6. Software Lab with the Manual
  7. *Online Homework problems using Moodle (can be converted to another platform)
  8. *Forum for a dialog  between Consortium members


Increasing Student Enrollments:

Now for several semesters, student enrollment in power-related senior-technical elective courses is averaging over 100 students per course, making power the most popular option in the Dept of ECE at the University of Minnesota.

Active Learning Classroom

CUSP™ Member Universities (order of joining):

So far, over 160 faculty from over 125 U.S. universities have joined this consortium with the vision of jointly evolve the material for the electric energy systems education curriculum that emphasizes sustainability.

  1. University of Minnesota - Twin cities
  2. University of Minnesota - Duluth
  3. University of North Florida
  4. California State University, Chico
  5. Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
  6. University of Louisville
  7. University of Northern Iowa
  8. University of the Pacific
  9. Northern Arizona University
  10. Boston University
  11. Penn State University - Harrisburg
  12. Bradley University
  13. Colorado State University
  14. Oregon State University
  15. South Dakota State University
  16. Wichita State
  17. Texas Christian University
  18. University of Texas at Austin
  19. University of Vermont
  20. West Virginia University
  21. University of Texas at Arlington
  22. University of Toledo
  23. The University of Tennessee/Chattanooga
  24. Temple University
  25. University of Virginia
  26. Virginia Tech
  27. University of Maine
  28. Ohio Northern University
  29. Marquette University
  30. University of Arkansas
  31. University of California, Santa Cruz
  32. Northeastern University
  33. Seattle University
  34. Oakland University
  35. University of Texas at San Antonio
  36. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  37. Miami University
  38. Idaho State University
  39. Western Michigan University
  40. Youngstown State University
  41. Purdue University Calumet
  42. Christian Brothers University
  43. University of Bridgeport
  44. Gonzaga University
  45. Saint Louis University
  46. Ohio State University
  47. Baylor University
  48. University of Alaska Fairbanks
  49. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  50. The University of Iowa
  51. Western New England University
  52. Bucknell University
  53. San Diego State University
  54. University of New York - New Paltz
  55. University of Kansas
  56. University of Iowa
  57. University of Cincinnati
  58. Minnesota State University, Mankato
  59. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  60. University of Utah
  61. Washington State University
  62. Suffolk University
  63. Gannon University
  64. University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  65. Lake Superior State University
  66. Tuskegee University
  67. North Carolina State University
  68. California State University, Northridge
  69. Florida International University
  70. Washington University in St. Louis
  71. Texas A&M University
  72. Valparaiso University
  73. York College of Pennsylvania
  74. Howard University
  75. Cleveland State University
  76. University of Wisconsin River Falls
  77. Milwaukee School of Engineering
  78. University of New Haven
  79. Drexel University
  80. University of Florida
  81. Hampton University
  82. Binghamton University
  83. Montana State University
  84. Southern Polytechnic State University
  85. University of Connecticut
  86. Penn State University Berks Campus
  87. Western Kentucky University
  88. Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  89. CSU Sacramento
  90. Case Western Reserve University
  91. Clemson University
  92. St Cloud State University
  93. University of Missouri-Kansas City
  94. Texas Tech University
  95. California State University Fullerton
  96. Central Washington University
  97. Santa Clara University
  98. University of Dayton
  99. University of Evansville
  100. University of California, Davis
  101. Mississippi State University
  102. Syracuse University
  103. University of Michigan-Dearborn
  104. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  105. Cornell University
  106. Florida State University
  107. Boise State University
  108. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  109. San Jose State University
  110. Tennessee Tech University
  111. University at Buffalo
  112. North Dakota State University
  113. University of Hawaii
  114. The George Washington University
  115. Widener University
  116. University of Denver
  117. LeTourneau University
  118. Michigan State University
  119. Grantham University
  120. California Baptist University
  121. University of Akron
  122. Prairie View A&M University
  123. California Polytechnic State University
  124. Clemson University
  125. University of Notre Dame
  126. Lawrence Technological University
  127. Michigan Tech