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Ned Mohan






Invited Talks: ECEDHA

Internet-based Short Courses

Offered 7 Internet-based Short Courses
Four DVDs with Short Courses:

Two Video Modules Developed for the IEEE

Tutorials at Major Conferences

Taught 29 tutorials at 18 major Annual Conferences of the IEEE and at 11 major non-IEEE Conferences (many co-sponsored by the IEEE). 
Short Courses on DVDs (available at cost) from the University of Minnesota Bookstore:

UROP, Undergraduate Research Assistants, NSF-REU and NSF-RET

  1. Supervised UROP student project (J. P. Asta, 2004)
  2. Supervised undergraduate research assistants in the laboratory (Jay Vatassari, Martin Strum)
  3. Supervised students under NSF-REU, Research Experience for Undergraduates (Thandiwe Moyo, Matt Lampart-2005, Ariel Mercado – 2006, Jorge Cintron – 2006)
  4. Worked with high school teachers under NSF-RET, Research Experience for Teachers, (Mike Maas - 2005, Steve Pullar – 2005).

Workshops on Renewable Energy sponsored by NSF and Xcel Energy