Mingyi Hong


Mingyi Hong

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota
6-109 Keller Hall
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455
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Email: mhong at umn.edu

Research Interests

My research focus on contemporary issues in machine learning, optimization, information processing and wireless networking.

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Special Note

We are looking for students that have strong mathematical background, and are interested in theoretical aspects of large-scale optimization, big data analytics, and/or applications in machine learning, signal processing and networking. Please drop us a line if you are interested in joining our group. You will be placed in either IMSE or ECpE depending your interest/background. Most importantly, convince us that you have the potential!

RA and Postdoctoral position available

We have research assistants and post doctoral fellow position available. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Hong via email

Group News

  • Apr. 2018 Dr. Hoi To Wai from Arizona State University has visited our group for a week.

  • Apr. 2017 working paper (with Haoran) entitled “Distributed Non-Convex First-Order Optimization and Information Processing: Lower Complexity Bounds and Rate Optimal Algorithms”; available at [arXiv.org];

  • Apr. 2018 paper accepted: our work (with Xiao, Cajun, Nikos and Qingjiang) entitled “Anchor-Free Correlated Topic Modeling” has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence for publication;

  • Mar. 2018 paper accepted: our work (with Qingjiang) entitled “Spectral Efficiency Optimization For Millimeter Wave Multi-User MIMO Systems” has been accepted by IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing for publication; available at [arXiv.org];

  • Feb. 2018 Mr. Ziping Zhao from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Daniel Palomar’s group has joined our group as a visiting student; Welcome Ziping!

  • Feb. 2018 working paper (with Songtao and Zhengdao) entitled “On the Sublinear Convergence of Randomly Perturbed Alternating Gradient Descent to Second Order Stationary Solutions” has been submitted for publication; available at [arXiv.org];

  • Feb. 2018 working paper (with Meisam and Jason) entitled “Gradient Primal-Dual Algorithm Converges to Second-Order Stationary Solutions for Nonconvex Distributed Optimization” has submitted for publication; available at [arXiv.org];

  • Feb. 2018 M. attended 2018 Zurich Seminar and have a talk on ‘‘Learning based Approach for Non-Convex Optimization and Resource Allocation”

  • Jan. 2018, M. gave a talk in IMA data science seminar on ‘‘Distributed and Learning based Approach for Non-Convex Optimization”

  • Jan. 2018, M. , with Qing, Serhat, and Tom is organizing a Symposium for GlobalSIP 2018, entitled “Distributed Optimization and Learning over Networks”. The conference is to be held Nov 26-28th in Anaheim, CA, and the submission deadline is tentatively June 10th, 2018

  • Jan. 2018, M. , with Xiao and Nikos, is organizing a special session for SPAWC 2018, entitled “Machine Learning for Communications”. The conference is to be held June 25-28th in Kalamata, Greece

  • Dec. 2017, M. visited Ken Ma’s group at CUHK and gave a talk on ‘‘Distributed and Learning based Approach for Non-Convex Optimization”

  • Dec. 2017, working two-part paper (first-part with Qingjiang, second-part with Qingjiang, Tsung-Hui and Xiao) entitled “Penalty Dual Decomposition Method For Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization” has submitted for publication; available at [arXiv.org];

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