High-Performance Data, Signal and Network Optimization Group

Contact Information

6-109 Keller Hall
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN 55455
TEL: (612)-625-3505
Email: mhong at umn.edu

Research Interests

Our research focus on designing and analyzing large-scale optimization methods for problems arise in various domains such as data science, signal processing and networking.

Below is a list of (more or less) theoretical topics that we have worked on.

  • Design and Analysis for first-order convex and nonconvex algorithms

  • Distributed convex and nonconvex optimization

  • Computational complexity for problems in signal processing and communications

  • Approximability for interference management problems

  • Stochastic optimization for large-scale problems

  • Analysis of performance for semi-definite relaxation (SDR) based algorithms

  • Analysis of equilibrium solutions for noncooperative games

Our theoretical works are greatly empowered by their applications in various engineering fields.

  • Cross-Layer resource management for next-generation complex networks

  • High-dimensional machine learning

  • Optimization for smart power grids

  • Intrusion detection and state estimation for cyber-physical systems

  • Speech denoising and enhancement

  • Distributed decision making in multi-agent heterogeneous networks

Special Note

We are looking for students that have strong mathematical background, and are interested in theoretical aspects of large-scale optimization, big data analytics, and/or applications in machine learning, signal processing and networking. Please drop us a line if you are interested in joining our group. You will be placed in either IMSE or ECpE depending your interest/background. Most importantly, convince us that you have the potential!

RA and Postdoctoral position available

We have research assistants and post doctoral fellow position available. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Hong via email