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We are now taxiing to the gate of our final destination, summer break; current outside conditions are sunny and warm. On behalf of the professor and TA, we would like to thank you for flying EE 3161 Semiconductor Devices, and wish you a pleasant stay in summer or journey to your final graduation.
Flight attendants, doors to arrival and crosscheck.

    Final grades have finally been posted. To receive the now-complete grade report, e-mail the TA your ID.
  • May 13

    Solutions to the final exam (PDF) are up. Check back after a few days if you wish to collect yours.
  • May 9

    Homework 7 solutions (PDF) are up. Recall that every problem on it was taken from previous finals.
  • May 8

    Homework 6 will be available for pick-up starting Monday (yes, sorry, that's finals season).
  • May 2

    Recitation 11's materials are posted. Also, as announced in class, the TA will be giving a review session next Wednesday while the professor is out of town, so if you have any topics you'd especially like to see, suggest them by e-mail.
  • May 1

    Solutions to Homework 6 (PDF) are up.
  • Apr 30

    Homework 7 (PDF) has been posted, in all its three-page glory; it's due Friday, May 9 (the last day of class).
  • Apr 29

    Due to class scheduling, this Thursday's TA office hour is being moved to 5-6 PM.
  • Apr 28

    An updated Homework 6 (PDF) is now available: problem 2.f) should make more sense now.
  • Apr 27

    Extra TA office hours will be held this Tuesday, 4-5 PM. Stop by 2-121 for questions/corrections/grade checks/venting.
  • Apr 25

    In case you missed it, midterm 2 was returned in class today; the solutions (PDF) and class results are now available here.
  • Apr 21

    Homework 6 (PDF) is now available for your MOS-ing pleasure; it's due Wednesday, April 30.
  • Apr 14

    As promised, the list of midterm 2 topics announced in lecture can be found in the Exams section.
  • Apr 11

    Homework 5 solutions (PDF) have been posted, and the recitations brought up to date.
  • Apr 7

    Homework 4 was returned today in lecture; the stats are in the usual place. Also of note, a reminder that midterm 2 has been moved by popular demand to Wednesday, April 16.
  • Mar 31

    Solutions to Homework 4 (PDF) have been posted, along with the Homework 5 (PDF) assignment due Friday April 11.
  • Mar 26

    The date of the second midterm has been announced as Friday, April 18. Also, the ideal BJT summary (PDF) sheet handed out in lecture today is available in Reference.
  • Mar 24

    Welcome back! Homework 3 was returned today, and the stats are up in the usual place.
  • Mar 14

    Homework 4 (PDF) has been posted, due two Fridays from today. Have a good spring break!
  • Mar 10

    Midterm 1 was returned today in lecture; the statistics are available in the Exams section.
  • Mar 7

    The Circle of Homework ticks around again: homework 3 (PDF) is out, due Friday March 14, and homework 2 has been returned.
  • Feb 29

    A mistake was found in the old solutions to problem 4 of homework 2; it's been corrected. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Feb 28

    Solutions to homework 2 (PDF) were posted yesterday, and the recitations have (finally) been brought up to date.
  • Feb 22

    Problem 6 of homework 2 was the wrong question. It has been replaced with the correct one in the updated assignment (PDF), and the due date extended two days to Wednesday, February 27, in class. Sorry everyone!
  • Feb 18

    The derivation of the depletion width approximation (PDF) done in lecture today is now outlined in the Reference section. That lecture also saw the return of homework #1 (stats); for questions, e-mail or see the TA.
  • Feb 14

    Homework #2 (PDF) has been posted, due Monday, February 25 in class. Also new: the handy-dandy constants handout (PDF).
  • Feb 11

    Solutions to homework 1 (PDF) have been posted.
  • Feb 6

    The expressions handout (PDF) from today's class has been posted.
  • Jan 29

    Homework #1 (PDF) has been posted; it's due Monday, February 11 in class.
  • Jan 22

    Welcome to EE 3161!