Electrical / optical characterization

Lakeshore CPX-VF cryogenic probe station with 2.5 T vertical magnetic field capability. This system is also equipped with a fiber probe arm.



Lakeshore EMPX-HF cryogenic probe station with 0.6 T horizonal magnetic field capability.



Suss PM8 room-temperature probe station with 4 triaxial probes.



Agilent B1500A with 2 HR and 2 MR SMUs and 1 CMU.


Agilent 4156C with 4 HR SMUs.

HP4145B parameter analyzer and BK Precision 1787B 0-72V power supply.



2 SR830 digital lock-in amplifiers.



Thorlabs FPL1009P 1550 nm laser diode and controller.



Agilent 4291B 1 MHz - 1.8 GHz impedance analyzer.


Agilent 4284A C-V meter.


Alessi probe station for aligned exfoliation of 2D materials.


Additional equipment: 4 Keithley 2450 Source Meters, lots of new capabilities being added...



Growth capabilities

Custom graphene CVD furnace.