Spring 2014 MnDRIVE Seminar Series


Jakob Stoustrup, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Control of Complex Systems: From Big Data to Big Control

April 4, 2014, 2:30pm; 319 Akerman Hall
Cross-listed with AEM Colloquium


The future of the world's developed economies will be dominated by heterogeneous, hybrid, and dispersed large-scale complex systems; such as power grid, building energy systems, national security, transportation systems, inland waterways and advanced manufacturing processes to name a few. The current control paradigm for these infrastructure system is based on 19th Century theory and 20th Century hardware that fails to integrate the fast-growing billions of 21st Century intelligent devices into a coherent, cohesive, and co-optimized manner that takes full advantage of the vast amount of data and control points they offer. Hence, there is a need for a major research effort within the area of advanced control programs that can lead to large-scale deployment of more integrated, affordable, safe, secure, robust, flexible and scalable control systems. To that end, recently, a Control of Complex Systems Initiative has been launched at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. This presentation describes the objectives and some of the scheduled research activities of this Initiative. The presentation also includes work on smart grid control done by the speaker in his previous academic career.


Jakob Stoustrup has received M.Sc. (EE, 1987) and Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics, 1991) degrees, both from the Technical University of Denmark. From 1991-1996, Stoustrup held several positions at Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Denmark. He has been Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K., and at the Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. From 1997-2013, Dr. Stoustrup acted as Professor at Automation & Control, Aalborg University, Denmark, and since 2006 Head of Research for the Department of Electronic Systems. Since 2014, Dr. Stoustrup has been Chief Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA, USA, leading the Control of Complex Systems Initiative for the US Department of Energy.

Dr. Stoustrup has acted as Associate Editor and Editorial Board Member of several international journals and has served as General Chair, Program Chair, and IPC member for several international conferences. He is an IEEE Senior Member, and has been Chairman of an IEEE CSS/RAS Joint Chapter, Vice-Chair for IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Smart Grids, Chair for IFAC Technical Committee SAFEPROCESS, and Member of IFAC Technical Board. In 2013, Dr. Stoustrup was appointed as the first IEEE CSS Wikipedia Editor. He has received the Statoil Prize, the Dannin Award for Scientific Research and several conference paper awards. He has been a member of the European Research Council as well as the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Research Councils. He is member of The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, where he has acted as Board Member.

The main contributions of Dr. Stoustrup have been to robust control theory and to the theory of fault tolerant control systems. With co-workers, he has proposed a novel Plug-and-Play Control framework. He has published approximately 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Apart from the theoretical work, he has been involved in applications in cooperation with 100+ industrial companies, including acting as CEO for two technological startup companies.