Fall 2014 MnDRIVE Seminar Series


Jozsef Bokor, Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Identification of Pole-Structure of Flexible Wing Models Using Hyperbolic Metrics

Dec. 10, 2014, 12:20pm; 56 Rapson Hall


A new frequency domain ID approach will be presented to identify poles in a system without prior assumption on the system order or number of poles. This will be based on the system representation in Laguerre bases generated by Blaschke function. This function can be directly related to the hyperbolic metrics defined on the unit complex circle in the Poincare disc model of hyperbolic geometry. The system poles are determined from the estimated distances of the Laguerre parameters from a particular pole. An iterative algorithm is offered to find all systems poles that can be seen from the data. This procedure is especially suitable to find poles close to the unit circle. It will be applied to data obtained from models of the flexible wing aircraft of the Aerospace Department. The results can be used either to validate models get a model for control or to study the pole maps on the flight envelope approaching closely the unit circle.


Professor Bokor is the head of the Institute for Computer Science and Control in Budapest, Hungary. He is also a professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as well as a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.