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Internet-based Monthly Seminars


The live and past seminar videos are provided and archived by UNITE. For proper, uninterrupted viewing, please review UNITE's Streaming Video Requirements.


Seminar 21 (9-18-09): The Future of Power? Power is the Future. - Yakout Mansour

Seminar 20 (6-8-09): Wind Energy and Electricity Markets - Ross Baldick

Seminar 19 (5-19-09): Engineering strategies for LEED platinum – Great River Energy - Randy Olson, Scott Rieger

Seminar 18 (4-23-09): Electrical Power Issues in the Developing World - Ajay Bhushan Pandey

Seminar 17 (4-17-09): Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL): Electronic Ballast Design - Eric Persson

Seminar 16 (4-7-09): The Future of System Protection - Mark Adamiak

Seminar 15 (3-31-09): The Role of RTOs and why RTO-administered markets make sense - Michael Robinson

Seminar 14 (1-27-09): Nuclear Power in Minnesota and the Nuclear Power Renaissance - Terry Pickens

Seminar 13 (9-30-08): EPRI's Increased Transmission Capacity Program - Ram Adapa

Seminar 12 (8-21-08): What should we be teaching our undergraduates about Relaying? - Joseph Mooney

Seminar 11 (7-1-08): Voltage Stability for Undergraduates - Carson W. Taylor

Seminar 10 (6-12-08): Man and Energy: A case for Sustainable Living through Renewable and Green Energy - Ali Keyhani

Seminar 9 (4-24-08): Practical Aspects of Solar Electric Design: Learn from a Hands-on Expert - Darryl Thayer

Seminar 8 (11-13-07): Power Electronics for Power Engineers: Why and How Much? - Ned Mohan

Seminar 7 (10-9-07): Appliance Application of Sensorless Field-Oriented Motor Control - Washing Machine Example - Eric Persson

Seminar 6 (9-11-07): The Promise of Wave Power - Ted K.A. Brekken

Seminar 5 (8-14-07): An Integrated Laboratory with the First Course in Power Systems - Bruce F. Wollenberg

Seminar 4 (7-10-07): Electric Power Grid Vulnerability to Geomagnetic Storms - John Kappenman

Seminar 3 (5-8-07): Use of PSCAD-EMTDC in Power Systems Education and Research - Ani Golé

Seminar 2 (4-24-07): Substation Integration and Automation - John McDonald

Seminar 1 (3-13-07): Introduction to the Monthly Seminar Series and Objectives of the ONR-funded Project for Reforming Undergraduate Education in Electric Energy Systems - Ned Mohan

Past Highlights


Faculty Workshop - February 2013 - The workshop on "Electric Energy Systems Curriculum for Sustainability" was held from February 7 to 10 at Napa, California. More details here.

Faculty Workshop - February 2012 - The workshop on "Electric Energy Systems Curriculum for Sustainability" was held from February 2 to 5 at Napa, California. More details here.

ONR-NSF Faculty Workshop - August 2011- ONR-NSF Sponsored Faculty Development Workshop (August 10-13, Minneapolis, Minnesota). More details here.

Faculty Workshop - February 2011 - The workshop on Reforming Electric Energy Systems Curriculum was held from February 4 to 5 at Napa, California. More details here.