Ph.D Degrees

Name Year Thesis Employment
Di Lin 2015 Metrology and Design of Gradient Index Optical Materials UMN, postdoc
Greg Ingersoll 2015 Multiplexed Volume Bragg Gratings in Narrow and Wide-band Spectral Systems: Analysis and Applications Consultant
Chenhao Wan 2012 Performance Characteristics of Coupled Laser Resonators Wuhan University
Mercedeh Khajavikhan 2009 Coherent Beam Combining for High Power Laser Applications U Central Florida (CREOL), professor
Wei Zhou 2007 Micro-Hyperspectral Imaging Systems. Rudolph Technologies
Bing Hao 2006 Spatially inhomogeneous polarization and its Application in beam shaping 3M
Zhaohui Yang 2004 Applications of Aspheric Feedback Mirror in Extended-Cavity Laser Resonators 3M
Eric Shields 2003 A Variable Dispersion Micro-Spectrometer Sandia National Laboratory
Qiwen Zhan 2002 Applications of Polarization to Metrology University of Dayton, professor
Siamak Makki 1999 Diffractive Optics for Phase and Amplitude Mode Correction in Solid-State Laser Resonators SDL, Coherent Inc.
Todd Ballen 1999 Mass Transport Fabrication of Refractive Gallium-Phosphide Micro-Optics 3M
Diana Chen 1994 Solid-State Lasers with Diffractive Optical Resonators Livermore National Lab
Greg Mowry 1995 Semiconductor Laser Spatial Mode Tailoring Using an External Cavity Mode-Selecting Mirror Univ. St. Thomas, professor

Masters' Degrees

Name Year Thesis Employment
Matt Rundquist 2002 Broadband Angular Selectivity Achieved with a Birefringent Filter 3M
Richard Solstad 2000 Applications of the Genetic Algorithm to Laser Design UMN, PhD program
Eric Shields 2000 Mass-Transport Micro-Optics for Coupling Light from a Tapered-Waveguide Laser into a Single-Mode Optical Fiber UMN, PhD program
Qiwen Zhan 2000 Micro-Ellipsometry Using High NA Lens UMN, PhD program
Guoqiang Chen 1998 Mode control of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers with Microoptics UMN, PhD program
Siamak Makki 1998 Thermal Correction of Laser Aberrations by Diffractive Optics UMN, PhD program
Todd Ballen 1998 Fabrication of Microoptics in GaP by Mass Transport UMN, PhD program
Hai Zhang 1996 Optimal Design of Diffractive Relay Optics by Simulated Annealing TSI
Greg Kilby 1996 Dynamic Focus Lens System with Diffractive Optic Correction West Point Academy, faculty
Neophytos Morphis 1995 Modulation Transfer Function Measurement of an Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter Using Coherent and Incoherent Techniques
Diana Chen 1994 Diffractive Optics for Solid-State Laser UMN, PhD program
John Schuler 1995 The Measurement and Simulation of an Optical Antialiasing Filter Modulation Transfer Function
Rein Teder 1993 Optical Concentration Limits of the Conic Transformer
Joan Zak 1992 An Analysis of the Radiance Limit for a Double-Clad, Neodymium-Doped Fiber Laser
Xu Li 1992 Study on a Novel External Cavity for Diode Laser Arrays U Michigan, postdoc
Todd Rider 1991 Phase-Locked Semiconductor Laser Arrays Using External Cavities MIT Lincoln Laboratory