Future Generation of Green Energy Systems



We address the research problems in future green energy systems.

  1. Optimizing Smart Grid Systems. Present-generation  residential  photovoltaic  (PV)  inverters  typically  operate  in  an  uncoordinated  and  open-loop fashion, with the primary objective of maximizing the extracted power. With the increase in deployed behind-the-­meter PV capacity, an upgrade of distribution-system operations is advocated to address emerging efficiency and power-quality concerns, and to enable seamless and large scale integration of PV systems. It is necessary to cross-fertilize advances in Optimization, Controls, Communications, and Power Electronics, and to bridge theory with practice, so that i) the next-generation cyber-physical infrastructure for distribution systems can be created, and ii) fundamental specifications are addressed.

  2. Analyzing Rechargeable Batteries. Reliability of Li-ion rechargeable batteries has been recognized as of high importance from a broad range of stakeholders, including manufacturers of battery-powered devices, regulatory agencies, researchers and the general public. Failures of Li-ion batteries could result in enormous economic losses and catastrophic events. To enable early identification and resolution of reliability issues and proactive prevention of failures, it is important to be able to quantitatively diagnose degradation mechanisms of individual battery cells while the cells are in operation. Therefore, a methodological framework for on-board quantitative analysis of degradation mechanisms of Li-ion battery is in urgent need.

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Selected Publications

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