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Laboratory of Nanomagnetism and Quantum Spintronics

Research focus and background:


Wang’s research group is working in an exciting research area of nanomagnetism and quantum spintronics with a focus on searching, investigating and fabricating novel nano magnetic materials and quantum spintronic devices for future information technologies (spintronic computing and storage) and emerging nano biomedical technologies (personalized magnetic medical devices and magnetic hyperthermia for drug delivery and therapy).


  • Selected Research Programs


Novel Magnetic and Spintronic Materials

(e.g. with Extremely High Anisotropy; Giant Saturation Magnetization; High Spin-Polarization ratio);


Spin Torque Transfer (STT) Effects, Materials and Devices;


Heterostructured Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle-Crystals;


Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based Logic Devices For Computing;


Personalized Magnetic Medical Devices



Jian-Ping Wang’s Research Group

If you have questions about Wang’s lab and magnetic and spintronics related research, please e-mail:

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