Online Animations

The following sites contain web-based packages in the areas of electric circuits, machines, and drives as well as power electronics, signals, algebra, and control. These online programs make extensive use of animations in the form of videos, flash, and html files with imbedded animated gifs and interactive applets.

1.   e-Learning tools for Electrical Engineering, Romania, France, Belgium, Portugal                                       


2.   The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom



3.  TEMPUS: Joint Européen Project


4.   Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden


5.   Maxwell: Belgium


6.   University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


7.   University of Alberta, Canada


8.   Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands


9.   The University of New South Wales, Australia


10.  Indian Institute of Technology, Madras


11. Sandro Ronca, Italy


12.  Penang Electronic Blog


13.  Ohio Electric Motors


14.  Educypedia, Belgium


15.  ETH, Zurich


16.  John Hopkins University            


17.  MIT           


18.  University of Minnesota  

                          Riaz homepage

                                Animations-1 (Matlab based)

                          Animations-2 (GeoGebra based)