Axial views, characteristics, space vectors, magnetic fields.

1. Forces and fields in a current-carrying conductor
2. Principle of operation of the induction machine
3. Developed view of the induction motor
4. Steady-state characteristics of the induction machine
5. Equivalent circuit of the induction machine
6. Moving phasor diagrams of the induction machine
7. Torque-speed characteristics of the induction machine
8. Moving current phasors of the induction machine
9. Volts per Herz speed control of the induction machine
10. Quick view of  induction machine characteristics
11. Induction motor starting (static)
12. Line start of an induction motor (dynamic)
13. Steady-state operating characteristics of a round-rotor synchronous machine
14. Steady-state characteristics of a synchronous generator (compounding curves)
15. Steady-state characteristics of a synchronous generator (capability curves)
16. Steady-state charateristics of a salient-pole synchronous machine
17. Phasor diagrams of a salient-pole synchronous machine
18. Phasor diagrams of the synchronous motor
19. V-curves of a salient-pole synchronous motor
20. Alternator voltage generation
21. Transient stability of a synchronous machine
22. Armature short-circuit current of a synchronous machine
23. Dynamic stability of a synchronous motor
24. Switched-reluctance motor
25. Sinusoidal windings in ac machines
26. Magnetic field distributions in a 3-phase ac machine
27. Concentrated, distributed, sinusoidal, single- and 3-phase windings
28. mmf space distributions in a 3-phase ac machine
29. Air gap flux plots and B-field distributions
30. Periodic functions
31. Space vectors in 3-phase ac systems
32. Unbalanced 3-phase sinusoidal signals
33. Three-phase inverter
34. Switching table for direct torque control of ac drives
35. Pulse-width modulation
36. Fourier analysis of a pulse wave
37. dq windings in ac machines
38. dq current space vector components
39. ab-dq transformations
40. Space vectors: Matrix formulation
41. Space vectors: Geometric view
42. Space vectors: dq transformations
43. Hysteresis loops
44. C-core flux plots
45. DC machine
46. Cascade positional control of a dc motor
47. Single-phase capacitor motor
48. Brushless dc motor
49. Electromechanical actuator
50. Moving coil actuator
51. Static characteristics of a doubly-fed induction generator
52. Synchronization
53. Coupled-circuit dynamic model of the induction machine
54. Geometric solutions of algebraic equations
55. Still images


M. Riaz