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Mailing Lists

Add a new subscriber to the list

The new subscriber will need to send a message to

containing only

subscribe ece_seminar

in the BODY of the message, NOT on the subject line

They will receive a message back from the listserver with the subject ECE_SEMINAR: Approval Required (. . .)

They will need to either click on the web browser address in the message or cut and paste the address into the the location field in a web browser.

In the web browser on the left side select "Confirm ECE_SEMINAR". They will receive a message back from the listserv that will confirm the subscription to the list with the subject

You have been added to the ECE_SEMINAR list

Remove a subscriber

Have the subscriber send a message to

containing only

unsubscribe ece_seminar

in the BODY, NOT the subject line of the message. They will receive confirmation that they have been removed from the list.

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