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Electrical Engineering Department
Microtechnology Laboratory
Mehmet Arik's MEMS Page

Other MEMS Links

Cronos Integrated Microsystem
MEMS Clearinghouse
MEMS Exchange
The Semiconductor Subway
Standard MEMS, Inc.

Other University MEMS Links

Austin, University of Texas at - MicroElectromagnetic Device Group
Alberta, University of - Alberta Microelectronic Center (AMC)
Berkeley, University of California - Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC)
Brigham Young University - Integrated Microelectronics Laboratory
California Institute of Technology - Engineering Design Research Laboratory
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University - MEMS Research
Chicago, University of Illinois at - Microfabrication Lab
Cornell University - Prof. MacDonald's Research Group
Dartmouth College - Solid State Microengineering Cleanroom Laboratory
Davis, University of California at - Microfabrication Facility
Delft University - Microoptical devices
Georgia Institute of Technology - Micromachining Research
Hsinchu, Taiwan - Industrial Technology Research Institite - Microsystems
Irvine, University of California at - Technology Outreach Program
Lancaster University - Microelectronics and Microsystems
Lausanne, Switzerland - Microsystems Integration Group
Los Angeles, University of California at - UCLA MEMS
Louisiana Tech University - Institute for Micromanufacturing (IfM)
Madison, University of Wisconsin at - UW-MEMS
Mainz, University of, Germany - IMM Institute of Microtechnology
Manoa, University of Hawaii at - MEMS
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MicroSystems Technology Laboratory
Nova Scotia, Technical University of - MEMS Laboratory
Raleigh, North Carolina State University at - Electronics Research Lab 
Northeastern University - Microfabrication Laboratory
Rolla, University of Missouri at - Piezoelectric Motor Research
Sheffield, University of, UK - MEMS Unit
Simon Fraser University - Institute of Micromachine and Microfabrication Research
Southern California University - The MOSIS Project
Stanford - Transducers Group
Surrey, University of, UK - D. Banks MEMS Research
Twente, University of - Micromechanical Transducers Group (MicMec)
Tokyo, University of - Center for Engineering
West Virginia Univeristy - Microelectronic Systems Research Center